Jack Dappa Blues Radio


Jack Dappa Blues Heritage Preservation Foundation 501c3 was founded in 2011, and

officially became a private foundation with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code on December 14th, 2016. Founder Lamont Jack Pearley and co-founder Denise N. Pearley felt the urgency to raise cultural and ethnic awareness of African American Traditional music as it pertains to the Black Experience in America. For the last several years they have researched and presented historical facts tying the heritage and culture that are the foundation of “African American Tribal Music” to being the products of two continents - Africa and America.

Jack Dappa Blues Heritage Preservation Foundation operates as Jack Dappa Blues Public Media providing intellectual conversations, historical facts, and vital coverage of the African American experience that’s been shaped by our community as we work toward a more diverse media outlet by producing original content, public workshops and events.

Our mission is to celebrate our heritage and preserve Blues music, as we highlight the many events in American History that cultivated our communities and musical expressions.

Our Advisory Board is made up of a collective of individuals that represent our core audience.

Advisory Board:

Denise N. Pearley
Valerie Turner
Jontavious Willis
Karleton Thomas
Deirdra Skinner
Phill Mintz
Marquise Knox

Jack Dappa Blues Public Media

Jack Dappa Blues Public Media uses broadcast journalism, film, and multimedia production to produce exciting, meaningful and historically accurate content that explores and highlights African American Traditional Music and the black experience. Our featured broadcast “Jack Dappa Blues Heritage Radio” not only plays African American Traditional musics that date back to early Black Spirituals and pre war Blues, but we highlight today’s practitioners of the music, as well as tackle the sensitive topics that relate to the African American experience from the past to the present. Engaging and interactive, Jack Dappa Blues Heritage Radio gives their audience the context in which African American traditions, culture and social environment has been expressed through the oral documentation of Blues, Black Spirituals and the like, that reflects the African American community and their different classes throughout history.