Jack Dappa Blues Public Media uses broadcast journalism, film, and multimedia production to produce exciting, meaningful, and historically accurate content that explores and highlights African American Traditional Music and the black experience. Our featured broadcast “Jack Dappa Blues Heritage Radio” not only plays African American Traditional music that dates back to early Black Spirituals and pre-war Blues, but we highlight today’s practitioners of the music, as well as tackle the sensitive topics that relate to the African American experience from the past to the present. Engaging and interactive, Jack Dappa Blues Heritage Radio gives their audience the context in which African American traditions, culture, and social environment are shared through the oral documentation of Blues, Black Spirituals, and the like, that reflects the African American community and their different classes throughout history.

The African American Folklorist is a monthly Newspaper that contains articles about traditions, traditional beliefs, the cultural context, geographical locations, music, and vernaculars of African Americans, and the role each plays in the lives of the people past and present. 

  • The African American Folklorist newspaper is distributed by the Jack Dappa Blues Heritage Preservation Foundation. Our Foundation also provides a proactive charitable program that equips the African American community with the necessary tools of the folklorist – how and what to research, cross-referencing, producing, and publishing their story. This charitable program also recruits interested participants who show promise in the field of the Independent Ethnomusicologist and Folklorist to write and produce content for the African American Folklorist platform. There is also an African American Folklorist Kids section of the newspaper that publishes articles and research papers from ages 10-17. Our goal is to encourage the community to take an active role in independent research, documentation, archiving, and publishing of their ethnic and cultural history creating a more diverse platform in the field of traditional study and preservation.
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